Este es un vídeo de la Acer Iconia A500 corriendo nativamente Linux, específicamente ArchLinux:

Lo que funciona:

-Internal eMMC
-microSD slot
-usb gadget
-usb host
-gpio keys/buttons [rotation switch acts as wifi/bluetooth power blocker. iirc, left position disables wireless, right – enables] -charger
-bcm4329 wifi (don’t forget to copy bcm4329-fullmac-4.bin to /lib/firmware/brcm and nvram.txt from android’s /system/etc to the same dir as bcm4329-fullmac-4.txt) [causes lockups with 3.0 kernel] -nct1008 temperature sensor for cpu throttling
-sound. external speakers and headphones.
-bcm4329 bluetooth
-kxtf9 accelerometer
-mpu3050 gyroscope
-ak8975 magnetometer

Lo que NO funciona:

-hdmi video. May be working but no one has tested. hdmi audio is not implemented.
-light sensor
-video cameras, focus, torch.

Mas información e instrucciones de instalación