Al igual que existen ROMS personalizadas, también existen Kernels personalizados, en este caso para la Acer Iconia A500 hay tres que son los mas conocidos o usados. No te podría decir cual de todos estos kernels es el mejor por que eso ya depende de cada usuario, yo el que uso es el de Thor que tiene algunas mejoras del ICS que fueron incluidas. El uso de estos kernels no se recomienda para un usuario comun y silvestre, así que si quieres usar uno de estos kernels te recomiendo que leas mucho.

richardtrip’s kernel / Villian Iconia Kernel 3.7

  • Voltage control (use setcpu/ “pimp my cpu” or System Tuner for controlling uv).
  • Update to
  • OC to 1.64Ghz (use 1.5Ghz on daily basis, 1.6 and 1.64 not stable on all tablets)
  • memcpy performance patch (14% increase)
  • Updated wifi driver
  • Update video drivers
  • BFQ
  • automated per session task groups

Enabled modules:

  • TUN
  • CIFS
  • NTFS (Write support)
  • UTF8
  • NFS
  • HFS


drellisdee’s one OC/UV/UMS-ENABLED A500 Only


  • Sched autogroup
  • Undervolted & overclocked up to 1646mhz (is set at 1000mhz on boot overclock with setcpu as desired) sweet spot for max stability seems to be ~1504mhz.
  • GPU overclocked to 133% of stock
  • JCRU
  • VR io-scheduler (sio & bfq are included)
  • Option & cifs & tun & UTF8 are compiled in
  • Smartassv2 & lagfree gov (interactive as default)
  • Correctly reports sn & snid for full gameloft compatibility
  • Mass storage enabled (use script included)
  • Patched ufsd.ko (acer’s ntfs module) for use with kernel
  • Most debugging is turned off
  • Wifi sleep of death is fixed

A500/501 THOR KERNEL 3.9R4 ANDROID 3.2+

  • 3.9r3.1 backports from ics kernel(battery,usb,audio,memory,governors,wifi,sensors,mmc…massive list)
  • fixed 3g
  • fixed governors
  • small increase in board voltages

Note: if you what to get rid of cell standby add ro.carrier=wifi-only to /system/build.prop depending on your rom it might or might not work…
Note2: please use interactive governor

  • Stock: for Sock 3.2 and all roms that use stock 3.2 kernel
  • the-rest: for roms with custom kernel buildin